Zonder data kun je online niet bijsturen

Without data it’s gonna be tough

The entire world is online. And your website is there for a good reason: you want customers, turnover, feedback and growth. But without information about the visit to your site you can’t adjust. So: how do you make the Google data work for you?

Management reports

Of course you want to know if your website is successful. Subscribe to our compact management reports.

Search Engine Marketing

Launching a website is not a big issue, being found in Google is. That requires good search engine marketing. Talk to our experts.

Improvement of conversion

In order to be successful, you have to set conversion targets in your analytics software. We help you in making your online channels more profitable.


Coaching by e-Intelligence is a solution to help you with your online strategy. And our coaches are not only watching along the sidelines..!

You know your data… then what?

What is the use of graphs, tables and analyses if you do not follow them up? Together with our partners, we’ll find the best ways to improve your site, use social media smarter and deliver email marketing optimally to your customer. With your own online data as a solid foundation.