Search engine marketing

It’s all about the content

Every entrepreneur wants his or her website at the top of the first Google page. Easier said than done. Search engine marketing requires a long breath and a smart strategy.

This is not just about technology. Above all, the content of the site determines whether Google ranks your efforts with a high position.

A few examples:


  • Is the content corresponding with the page titles and other metadata?
  • Are the articles up to date?
  • Are there links to your domain name from other sites?
  • Does the site load fast enough?
  • Are you locally findable?
  • Is the site mobile-friendly?
  • Are there annoying popups in the mobile version?
  • Is the site secured with an SSL certificate? Et cetera.


Sure, you can  keep an eye on this all by yourself and update it as often as needed. But are you still up to your own business then? e-Intelligence works closely with specialist partners who take over search engine marketing from you. So you can concentrate on your own talents.

Alvast bedankt voor het delen!