Online data are the new TV ratings


The website of your company plays a key role in your marketing strategy. But: it doesn’t stop at its development and joyful launch. Your visitors have found the site via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social channel, perhaps through a good email campaign. So after launch it is important to increasingly bind visitors to your company and to list them as customers.


All movements of visitors to websites and other channels are tracked. These are the ratings that give you information about the popularity of your services and products – just like TV ratings.

Large companies now know how to turn big data into big business. But smaller amounts of data are also valuable. You don’t need to have hundreds of visitors a day to see if the audience is surfing and clicking as you like them to do.


Without a sophisticated and tailor-made analysis of these data, you won’t make any steps in marketing and communication. We will be happy to help you making these steps.


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